Domestique Tours by Shuttleguy provide an array of services for your comfort and care. Remember that each tour is not all inclusive with our services, and will vary with each tour. We have the following services:

Camping Domestique*: The camping domestique is a tent service that includes a set up and take down of your tent for you each day of the week. Additionally, with our tent service you will receive chair service, towel service, cold beverages to enjoy after your ride, a canopy to relax under for shade, coffee each morning in real mugs, cold water and Gatorade powder.
*Please note that Shuttleguy will no longer be providing air mattresses.

Also included in the camping domestique service is luggage transportation, a charging station for your battery powered devices, the use of our bicycle pumps, rags, lube, tools, insect repellant, sunscreen, and first aid kits. This is all combined into our tent service and offered to you as a camping domestique so that you have more time to ride and relax, more comfortable rest, and a worry-free tour.
With our tent service, there are three tents to choose from:

  • Large: 10' by 8' and 6' tall (single, double, or triple occupancy)
  • Standard: 8' by 7' and 5' tall (single or double occupancy)
  • Economy: 8' by 5' and 4' tall (single occupancy)

There are a few camping domestique guidelines that Shuttleguy asks those who use our tent service to follow:

  • no bikes in the tents
  • no wearing cleats in the tents
  • no food, drink, or smoking in the tents
  • do not use our towels to clean bikes

To see prices, go to the registration page for your desired tour.

Hotel Domestique: The hotel domestique option allows you to have a truly carefree tour. With our hotel luggage delivery system, we pick up your luggage at your hotel each morning and drop it off at the next hotel in the afternoon. This hotel domestique package includes two pieces of luggage under 40 pounds each.

Please have your luggage waiting in the drop off location by 8:00 a.m., and please do not use soft-sided coolers because they leak on other luggage. We deliver luggage as quickly as possible with our hotel luggage delivery service. Remember that the safety of your luggage and our staff is our top priority. In the event that you arrive at your hotel before the hotel luggage delivery, please be patient.

Contact us is changes are made to your accommodations, or if you leave the tour, so that we may adjust our hotel domestique services accordingly.

The hotel domestique service does not include hotel reservations. You must reserve your own hotel rooms as this service deals strictly with hotel luggage delivery.

Chair Service: Would you like to relax after a long day in the saddle? Want something slightly larger than your bike seat? You can relax in comfort with one of our chairs for the week with our bike tour chair service. Drop off you chair rental in the morning and we will transport it to the next overnight site for you to use again with our bike tour chair service. As a reminder, the bike tour chair service and chair rental option is already included in the camping domestique option, so do not order an additional chair service if you ordered the camp domestique service!

Towel Service: Love a refreshing shower after a long ride, but hate packing away a wet towel with the rest of your gear? You always have a fresh towel set with our towel rental service. Pick up a clean and dry Lands' End towel set from us with our bike tour towel service and drop it off when you are done. Our towel rental option takes care of the rest and your gear stays dry. You get a full set with the bike tour towel service, which includes a washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel, but we ask that you don't use the set to clean your bike. We have plenty of complimentary rags, cleaner and lube for you to use on your bike so you don't have to use our bike tour towel service and towel rental option if you only need something to clean your bike. Prices vary by tour.

The Towel Rental and bike tour towel service is already included in the Camping Domestique option!

As a reminder, the bike tour chair service and chair rental option is already included in the camping domestique option, so do not order an additional chair service if you ordered the camp domestique service!

To view pricing and product information, follow the 'order now' link at the bottom of tour pages.

I really enjoyed RAGBRAI this year, as I did previously. Your crew did a great job.

- Steve N. Chicago, IL

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