Domestique Tours by Shuttleguy is a bicycling touring company that specializes in superior touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Since 1999, Tym Allison, owner and founder of Domestique Tours, and his family have been providing thoughtful, quality enhancements for bicycle touring, including camping, hotel, transportation and charter services that meet the needs of cyclists who love touring.

Our pleasant, professional, fun-loving staff creates a sense of community that will add to your bicycle tour experience. Through integrity, high-standards, and attention to detail, we manage your concerns so that you may enjoy a care-free bike tour.

Indulge with one of our luxurious services on your next bicycle tour! Domestique Tours by Shuttleguy operates three of our own tours:

  • BREW
  • Wisconsin Wine & Cheese Tour
  • Fall Mississippi River Trail

As well as servicing several other tours:

  • Oklahoma Freewheel
  • BTC
  • Tour de Wyoming
  • DALMAC (5 UP and 5 WEST)

To find out more about the bicycle tours we service or about our own bike tour services, click on the tour of your choice under either "Our Bicycle Tours" or "Bicycle Tours We Serve."

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To contact us, send your inquiries to:

- info@shuttleguy.com

- or call us at (800) 675-2295

Thank you to Shuttleguy for your awesome services during Bicycle Tour of Colorado! It was so nice to not have to hassle with taking down my tent each morning. It gave me time to have an extra cup of your fresh coffee before starting my ride. The best part was reaching my destination each day with my tent set up with my bags in it and being able to hang out under your shaded canopy drinking a cold beverage, especially on those 90+ degree days! Not to mention fresh shower towels each day, water, Gatorade, snacks, tire pumps, chairs, outlets for charging cell phones/GPS, and friendly faces. Thank you Tym and your wonderful staff for everything!

- Mary from HMC

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